Rocada Med is a dealer of the largest producers, every of which is a leader of world dental industry. We have direct deliveries of dental equipment and materials. As a result our partners  can buy the best product by minimal price.

Wide product mix allows our partners to choose the product they really need. At the same time product lines are represented by several price categories due to different financial abilities of our partners.

Our stock program is planned the way we can deliver the product to our client during 24 hours from the moment of order. Our cars deliver the order to our partners' stocks.

Rocada Med's activity is based upon personal approach to every client. Every manager of the company not only realises the orders and controls sales history, they also regularly visit the partners' territories to find out their need and to consult.

There is a modern educational center in the central office of Rocada Med. The best specialists teach here. The educational center's employees have regular inside and abroad trainings to support high-leveled professionalism and to study new treatment methods. Medical staff of our clients has a chance to study here and to practice technologies of using new materials and equipment.

Rocada Med's service center provides warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment which was bought by our partners. The service center's specialists hold planned maintenance works fo the equipment. The also come to parners to fix the problems.

All products presented in Rocada Med are passed through state certification and have quality certificates. Besides, the company has state license for stocking and selling of radiographical equipment. Out clients can be always sure in legality and safety of the equipment and materials they buy in Rocada Med.

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  • Maximov Alexander
    The general director
  • Келина Светлана Ренатовна
    Директор ООО Рокада-Мед-7
  • Архипова Марина Анатольевна
    Старший бухгалтер товарной группы
  • Нестерова Наталья Анатольевна
    Директор по продажам
  • Давыдова Наталья Львовна
    Директор ООО Рокада-Мед-4
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