The International Association of Stomatological Innovations "Rocada Med"

About the education centre

Stomatology is a rapidly developing field, and it is due to this fact that standarts of treatment and views on stomatological practice undergo considerable changes.

In order our stomatologists, leaders, assistants, dental laboratory technicians, managers accountants and others to be on the highest point of knowledge, in autumn 2005 we founded  our educational centre called "The International Association of Stomatological Innovations" (MASI) "Rocada Med".

The centre's equipment allowes to master and refine on the new technologies and methodics effectively:

  • Conference-hall - transformer, which turns into a workshop with 12 perfectly equipped places when holding a master - class:

         - stomatological units "Diplomat" with 3 exits: speed adjustable microengine "Bien Air", turbine, water-air turbine,

            autonomous supply of water through instruments

         - autonomous aspiration system (saliva ejector)

         - stomatological illuminator

         - dentists' chairs

         - homucules with scull and facial mask by "Dentalspore" (Italy)

         - all necessary instruments and materials

  • Stomatological room, equipped with video cameras, microphones for demonstrational master-class , where operative field is projected on the screen through multimedia system (on-line regime) into the conference-hall. So that participants have an opportunity to watch the work with instructor's simultaneous comments.

Our seminars are held by the leading specialists in stomatology from Russia and abroad, such as Salova A.V., Bolyachin A.V., Badanin V.V., Agadzhanyan E.G., K.-P. Meshke and many others.

We also take care about the service:

  • During the seminar we organize on the spot coffee-breaks and hot meal service.

  • At the end of each seminars we give out our sertificates.

  • It is easy to find us as we are situated in the city center.

  • We can help with hotel reservation for our guests from other cities.

Educational events are often meetings with classmates, collegues, as well as new acquaintances in one of the most beautiful cities of Russia - in 1000 years old Kazan. 

There is always a reason to meet!

Nowadays people come to forward-minded dentists, so let's progress together!

Our objectives:

To encourage Russian stomatologists to improve their professional skills.

To ensure a qualified information communication as well as necessary skills through the use of modern technologies, worked out clinical and professional experience.

Our Advantages: 

Master-classes. The Center is practical master-class oriented . Preliminary selection of situation according to complicacy of a class is taken into consideration.

Knowledge of the latest achievements in dentistry . Cooperation with the leading stomatological centers, manufactures in USA and Europe gives us a possibility to master our educational programmes, to introduce the newest achievements in the world stomatology to our practitians.

Practical format of education. Excellant equipment of the center with modern lecture and stomatological facilities for practical and theoretical courses allows participants to become familiar with advanced methodics and to master their practical skills.

Practicing lecturers. The courses are given by talanted dentists with a big practical experience. They mastered their skills abroad: in Europe and USA. They know the newest technologies of treatment and dental restoration. They are the authors of unique educational programmes. Their works are regularly published in scientific specialized publications.  

The way we do this:

Individual working places are fully equipped with all necessary materials and instruments which are in current use in modern dentistry for taking theoretical and practical courses with the use of homucules. All this allows our participamts to  develop their skills and practical methods.

Nowadays the schedule of the education center "Rocada Med" includes educational programmes, dedicated to the most urgent trends in modern dentistry:

  • aesthetic restoration

  • endodontics

  • orthopedy

  • surgery and parodontics

  • implantology

  • for dental laboratory technicians

Educational courses are designed so that theoretical and practical parts contain a lot of valuable suggestions and practical recomendations of the consulting dentists. High-qualified specialists with a huge experience of work and profound knowledge of the subject constantly upgrade their qualification and participate in international conferences and congresses. Owing to this fact, manual skills in work with new materials and instruments are worked out with high efficiency. Various medical cases, possible mistakes  and ways of their solution are closely analyzed. 

Working partnership of our Education center with the progressive world manufacturing companies, leaders of Russian stomatological market, allows to update and introduce new educational programmes. 


With their support there were organized and hold with a big success a course of lectures and master-classes by Nitzan Bichacho, K.P. Meshke, E.L. Vening.

Education center "Rocada Med" actively realizes visiting lections, conferences and practical lessons in regions. Our instructors have already hold their lectures in  N.Novgorod, Ulyanovsk, Cheboksary.


lecturers' feedback

Sokolinskaya E.G.:

"Excellant technical facilities, perfect equipment. There has been created all necessary conditions for holding seminars. Always glad to meet You."

Salova A.V.:  "Modern, fashionable and comfortable for studies and teaching center, well organized process and professional staff."

Shtorina G.B.:

"Educational center "Rocada Med" is equipped with modern facilities, which ensure visual broadcast of information to the students and doctors, who take  part in practical seminars. Owing to avaliability of biological homucules it is possible to master manual skills in development of modern surgical methods of parodontic treatment as well as mucogingival surgery."

Bolyachin A.V.:  "I travel a lot along the country and meet a lot of people, but I must confess, that Your center has really conquered me. I think that  joining together under single roof all the structures of stomatological business and creation of Education center is a very smart idea. Communication with stomatologists of your region made me understand that they are very glad to observe such  development, because not everyone has a possibility for long and distant travels. I very much liked technical equipment and good organization of cycles".

Platonov I.A.: "the stage of team building and educational process formation, as well as contact with the audience went excellant! I hope that guys will grow and develop, and will never go into the stage of "dismay". Let results exeed our expectations!" 



  • Maximov Alexander
    The general director
  • Назарова Екатерина Евгеньевна
    Менеджер отдела сбыта
  • Светликина Ольга Леонидовна
    Ведущий менеджер Рокада Мед-7
  • Голубенко Олег Анатольевич
    Директор сбытового департамента
    Набережные Челны
  • Круглов Евгений Евгеньевич
    Водитель генерального директора
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