The service center

In its ambition to conqure the firm position on the market, the Service center "Rocada-Med"  has placed it's stake on quality, reliability and providing a wide range of services. We found the new technologies of working process and make our best to create  a good smooth well-managed technological process out of service provision. The most important thing for us is quality of the work performed, as well as quality of the service provided.

Ordering services or purchasing a product, it is worth remembering a simple truth: the joy of low price lasts shorter than disappointment of low quality! Rocada Med Service center  is in charge of quality!


Why they choose us? 


  • feuderal licence
  • highly knowledgeable specialists, who regularly undergo trainings on the production plants
  • up-to-date equipment for diagnostics and maintenance
  •  original repair parts storage which reckons up more than 2000 items, professional repair parts selection and sale  ex-stock and made-to-order
  • steadfast compliance of manufacturer's requirements and standarts
  • territorial proximity,  quick assistance
  • manufacturer's authorisation of the Service center

What does Authorized Service center mean?

  •  Official permission from the leading manufacturers of medical equipment for service and equipment repair


  •  Availability of  special testing  facilities for your equipment service and repair.
  • Repair parts service
  • well-trained personnel, who has all necessary certificates of technical specialists competency
  • Reduction of repair terms. Having authorisation an engineer of the Service Center can diagnose a case of guarantee or non-guarantee event on his own without sending equipment to the manufacturer.

- It is quick and qualified solution of technical problems with Your equipment.


  • Maximov Alexander
    The general director
  • Горнова Юлия Ивановна
    Заместитель директора по ВИП партнерам
    Нижний Новгород
  • Ванюшечкина Ирина Юрьевна
    Коммерческий директор
  • Богуславская Нина Борисовна
    Директор по персоналу
  • Хайруллина Юлия Владимировна
    Менеджер по ВЭД
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