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Rocada Med - equipment for clinics, advanced technologies, training

Ever since 1991, Rocada Med has been engaged in developing the Russian market of dental materials and equipment by offering comprehensive solutions for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases.

The retail network of the company is represented in 16 cities of Russia. The head office as well as the regional and wholesale divisions are based in Kazan. It is also in Kazan that the modern Rocada Med logistics center is located that processes up to 2.000 orders per day. The service center certified by manufacturers also operates here.

Another domain of the company's activity consists in the promotion and testing of innovative technologies, training of doctors and clinical staff. The promotion center includes a training class and an interactive showroom where doctors get to test innovative dental technologies.

At the Roсada Med dental clinic, trainees watch the implementation of medical manipulations in real time and hone their skills. A mobile training center has been set up for training in other regions which covers up to 100 events per year.

Throughout its existence, Roсada Med has come to be a confident leader in its branch on the Russian market while continuing to develop.

The mission of Roсada Med is giving the best technologies to doctors, bringing shining smiles to patients and improving the health for the nation.